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#MUSICMONDAY: Fashion Music


#MUSICMONDAY: Fashion Music


Is there any better corner in the world where fashion, music, film and video intersect? Somedays, I just wanna take out my boombox on that intersection and play my favorite fashion tunes.


For me, Diana Ross’ anthem Do You Know Where You Are Going To  from Mahogany is the pinnacle of this combination.  The costumes from the film, many designed by Miss Ross herself, are legendary.  And this song, with its plaintive question, was answered with a resounding yes by this young boy from Detroit.  I wanted to go wherever Miss Ross was. Period.  Do you remember when she sang the song while wearing a white fur on a horse drawn carriage?



Jody Watley’s Real Love was the first music video that brought the runway to the MTV generation.  Directed by David Fincher, Miss Watley showed some realness as she strutted down to her #1 song.  Fast forward about 20 years: I was present when she recreated her fashion catwalk moves as she closed the Kevan Hall show in LA.  Talk about full fashion circle moment.


American Hustle’s much lauded costumes (including two DVF numbers from my store Decades) were so on point! I love me some disco (hello Giorgios!), and when the Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes ditty came on the screen…I literally had to keep myself in my seat!


And finally, in a fashion pavlovian moment,  every time we would hear those opening notes of Sex and the City theme song, a bottle of champs would magically open, and our Sunday night fix of those four fab women would make the forthcoming week seem so much more manageable.


You know what?  I’m going to find my boombox, get my Uber Car, and find that magical corner.  And in the immortal words of Tina Fey–I want to go to there.



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