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Christos Garkinos: DVF

13 Aug #WCW: DVF

DVF. Three letters of the alphabet that are synonymous with a fashion icon. 

Diane Von Furstenberg is really everything. Designer, mother, mentor, entrepreneur. And of course beautiful. 

As a kid in Detroit, I remember reading about her in magazines and wondering if I would ever meet this wildly exotic woman. Andy Warhol’s muse. Studio 54’s doyenne. With an accent that was intoxicating. 

I was about 16 when I really felt up close and personal to her. My mom came home with her first DVF wrap dress with some wild print. I died. It was so chic. So strong. And sexy (at least my dad thought so)!

The wrap dress, born in 1974 during a terrible recession, was a breath of fresh air to the staleness in the world. I loved watching women at discos wearing the same dress that they wore to work.

Since beginning my fashion career at Decades, I have sold hundreds of DVF dresses to clients. They are right for all body types. Especially curvy gals. 

My dream of meeting Diane finally happened earlier this year at her 40 year retrospective at LACMA. She came at me with arms wide as if she knew me and enveloped me in a hug. 

Suddenly, I was 16 again. And speechless. I smiled. And sheepishly said,” Good to see you again.” And she ran to her next guest.

I died. 

And as an homage to her, I included a series of wrap dresses in my forthcoming collection on HSN.  I think she would be proud.

I will send photos. 

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