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#MusicMonday: Bristos


#MusicMonday: Bristos

In the early 1990’s i was living in London , and the sound of Bristol (a town in northern England), was all the rage.

Neneh Cherry and Soul II Soul were the pioneers, along with producer Nellee Hooper.

I remember going to clubs that the DJs behind Soul II Soul would put on.  It was a cacophony of color (people-wise) and fashion.  Remember beautiful Caron Wheeler, who was the lead singer of Soul II Soul.

Anyhow, while there the whole scene blew up with the release of Massive Attack’s first album and Bjork’s Debut.

Every song had a searing, sonic beat beneath to it that was incredibly moving.


Bristol and Bristol influenced bands were everything.  When I returned to LA, Portishead and Tricky had huge hits (the later asked me for a “spliff” at an in-store event I produced for him. lol.)

The moment where Bristol reached a personal climax for me was Massive Attack’s collaboration with Madonna of the Marvin Gaye song, I Want You. Everything about it, especially the video, was insanely moving.


Cut to 2014, and Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy fame comes out with his sneaker collection for Nike.  His influence?  Those same clubs that I was going to in the early ’90s in London and Bristol music.

So amazing on so many levels.  It just goes to shows you how music and fashion are inextricably intertwined.


I’m off now to suck beer through a straw.  Thank you Neneh.


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