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As the co-owner of Decades, the Los Angeles-based luxury consignment boutique, Christos Garkinos curates the modern half of the retail haven turned international shopping destination known for its following amongst celebrities, stylists and fashionistas worldwide.


Most recently, Christos debuted his fashion line “Eureka” on HSN.  Designed for women with real bodies and crafted using inspiration from his discovery of amazing fashion pieces from around the world.  The line capitalizes on his experience dressing over 13,000 people throughout his career and a desire to offer Hollywood style to women of all sizes.


Previously, Garkinos starred on the Bravo show Dukes of Melrose.  The series centered on the fashion arbiter’s renowned business and the exclusivity and glamour that comes with the world of buying and consigning couture in Hollywood.  Dukes of Melrose debuted in March of 2013.




Garkinos joined Decades in 1999, two years after it was founded, to helm modern consignment under the name Decadestwo. His eye for fashion quickly caught the attention of the sartorial world with a cult following of modern luxury consignment aficionados and sales of more than $5 million in ten years.  Soon after, the original Decades name became known as the one-stop destination and leader in pre-loved luxury where women can shop vintage and modern pieces from the most elite fashion houses. In response to the Los Angeles boutique’s continued success over the years, the business expanded to include a 21st century multi-platform shopping experience, nationwide pop-up tours and flash sale partnerships. As Garkinos’ clientele relies on his irreproducible talent for sourcing cutting-edge fashion amidst the world’s most coveted closets, he has extended his fashion network to include more than 3500 consigners worldwide.


Affectionately known as the “Robin Hood of Fashion,” Garkinos has dressed nearly 15,000 real women as well as celebrities, and is regularly tapped by top fashion editors and producers to lend his expertise to audiences. In addition, notable publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have repeatedly touted the unique Decades business model crediting Garkinos’ encyclopedic fashion savvy and editorial eye for the success of the modern consignment business.


Garkinos was recently featured as one of the 15 most fashionable men in the world by Japanese Vogue and he has been seen on the pages of Elle, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Angeleno and Vogue numerous times, as well as on television including NBC’s TODAY, ABC’s 20/20, Access Hollywood and E!.


Garkinos draws on more than 20 years of experience working in the consumer product and retail industries. His professional background includes Vice President of Marketing for U.S. Virgin Megastores where he was later promoted to Executive Vice President, as well as the Head of Marketing for Disney where he handled the company’s European stores.  Prior to this, Garkinos also worked in the exclusive brand management program at Clorox for three years after graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in business.


Today, as a fashion visionary, Garkinos has propelled his career in the industry with a discerning taste and appreciation for dressing up or down.